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A rou signifies the presentation of a particular chalan followed by a suitable rela. After a chalan is established, the introduction of a rela based on the syllables of the chalan, with a similar structure of naads and tones, and which rejuvenates the experience of the original chalan, is referred to as rou. While an ordinary rela is presented as a single-double composition similar to a kayda, a rou utilizes instead a chalan to outline a structure and flow, and then transitions into a rela with the same structure and flow. There exist less restrictions while expanding the chalan into a rela and the artist attempts to slowly "merge" small phrases from the rela into a chalan to transition smoothly. The various weights of a chalan are seen in the rela, even though the rela may have more consonant usage such as "TRKT".

Example (Teentaal):

chalan: dhaSSS SSdhinS SSSS dhaSSS     (similar to punjabi theka or addha taal)

rela: dhaTRKTTK dhinTRKTTK dhaTRKT     (dha,dhin, dha align with the bols of chalan)

Example (Jhaptaal):

chalan: dhagenadha getrakedhi nedhagena dhagetrake tinakena     +khaali

rela: dhaSTRKTdhaS TRKTTKTR KTdhaSTRKT dhaSTRKTTK tinSTRKTTK     +khaali

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