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Sources used in the making of Tabla Legacy

Tabla, Pt. Arvind Mulgaonkar, published by Popular Prakashan, Mumbai, 1999.

National Centre for the Performing Arts Tabla Seminar, Mumbai, 1998.

Tabla Vadan - Kala Aur Shastra, Pt. Sudhir Mainkar, published by ABGM Mandal, Miraj, 2000.

Musical Drums with Harmonic Overtones, Dr. C V Raman, published by Nature (London), Calcutta, 1920.

Complete Tabla, Amod Dandage

I thank my parents in helping to translate Hindi and Marathi texts into English and allowing me to understand core concepts. I thank my Guru and classmates for their optimism and support in the development process. I thank the authors of the sources above for their eye-opening knowledge revealed to the world in the forms of books and seminars. I thank God for the opportunity to publish this website.

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