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Ladi implies a series. There are multiple viewpoints of the definition and significance of ladi. 

  1. "Lad" means a garland of flowers. Just as how the flowers are intertwined in such a way that it is impossible to distinguish and find the "starting point" and "ending point" of the garland, we are unable to find the "starting point" and "ending point" of a ladi, as well as where the sum occurs. Ladis often include heavy bols, as well as bols that are considered hard to play.

  2. According to Pt. Arvind Mulgaonkarji's book, the bols of a ladi are as if multiple threads were intertwined into a cord. 

  3. According to Pt. Sudhir Mayinkar, ladi is similar to the word "ladai". "Ladai" in hindi means fight. He signifies that the nature of the bols of a ladi are such that the audience gets a delusion that they are fighting amongst each other. 

A ladi has paltas and can be expanded. Just as how TRKT and DRDR are core phrases found in relas, "tite" is a core phrase found in ladi. "Ghidanage" is also occasionally found in ladi. 

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